Shopify Magic Product Descriptions

Product Lead · 2023

Save time writing product descriptions with Shopify Magic. Automatically generate unique and compelling descriptions that make your products stand out.

Shopify Magic 2.0

Shopify works hard to keep merchants at the cutting edge. Thanks to Shopify Magic, millions of Shopify merchants are able to use the most recent advances in AI to propel their businesses forward today.

Key Features
  1. List a few key details to generate a unique description
  2. Experiment with proven tones of voice to find one that fits
  3. Add your own special instructions like “make it rhyme”
  4. Generate a few options quickly and keep your favorite
  5. Get help rewriting existing descriptions quickly too

Merchants set a high bar for what goes live on their storefront. For Magic to succeed it needed to generate product descriptions they would love.

Early tests proved we’d have to push GPT beyond the repetitive tropes it had learned from broad sampling. We had to apply our domain expertise on product descriptions through prompt engineering.

The Shopify Magic UI for product descriptions includes a field for features and keywords, tone of voice, Special Instructions along with a button which says "Try again" and a highlighted product description generated by the tool above a button labeled "Keep"

As product lead, I helped define some keys tools and processes that would make it possible for our product description experts to become our prompt engineers. With these prompt exploration and evaluation tools in hand, they were able to rapidly iterate toward prompts that consistently produced descriptions that met our bar.

When generating descriptions or editing existing text merchants can pick from a short list of commerce-tested tones of voice, such as expert, playful, and supportive, and always have the option to edit the generated text before publishing to ensure a perfect match with their brand voice.

Shipped at Winter Editions 2023, AI-Generated Product Descriptions are now out to 100% of merchants in supported languages.