Don't Fear the Internet

co-creator · 2009

A comprehensive intro to website design and development for creatives. Built in collaboration with my partner, letterer and illustrator, Jessica Hische

Don't Fear the Internet, Episode 1, 2009

In collaboration with Jessica Hische, a renowned letterer and illustrator, I co-created Don’t Fear the Internet, a comprehensive introductory course to website design and development aimed at empowering creatives and non-engineers.

As Jessica’s partner, I helped her gain fundamental knowledge in HTML and CSS, which proved invaluable for her career as a graphic designer. Recognizing the transformative power of these skills, we embarked on a mission to democratize web development and design knowledge.

The end result was “Don’t Fear the Internet”, a series of engaging video tutorials breaking down complex web development concepts into easily understandable lessons. We introduced viewers to the essentials of web technologies and principles such as markup, responsive design, typography, and more, using an approachable and humorous tone (we even coined terms like “Hamburger Text Markup Language”).

Launched in 2011, the course quickly gained traction, receiving tens of thousands of daily visitors and accumulating over half a million video views to date. Not only was it lauded by industry experts such as Chris Coyier, the founder of CSS-Tricks, but it also empowered hundreds of thousands of non-web designers and creatives to create and maintain their websites effectively.

“ Will be recommending this to every single person asking me how to get started into HTML and CSS.”
Chris Coyier, Founder CSS-Tricks

Our project’s success is reflected not only in its popularity but also in the tangible impact it had on its users. We’ve received numerous testimonials from people who benefited from the course, and there have even been rumors that it was used as a teaching resource in Stanford classes. This project is a testament to our dedication to making web design and development accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background.


  1. Not a Series of Tubes: An Internet Primer
  2. HTML: Hamburger Text Markup Language
  3. Don’t Fear the Browser: Developer Tools & Vanilla Ice Cream
  4. Don’t Fear Starting from Scratch, Part I: HTML
  5. Don’t Fear Starting from Scratch, Part II: CSS
  6. Don’t Fear Specificity: Targeting Content with Classes & IDs
  7. Don’t Fear Web Typography: A Massive Introduction
  8. Don’t Fear Layout: Boxes, Floats, Positions & Fluidity